New Chat Window Templates

Our latest update includes two more chat window templates. Now you can choose from three different templates depending on the assistant's purpose.

Default Template

This template looks modern and has plenty of room for messages and pretty touches. The font size is bigger, making it easier to read, especially for shorter replies. It's great for customer facing roles like landing pages, websites or e-commerce. Best suited for assistant roles such as Sales Assistants and Customer Service Assistants.

Traditional Template

This template blends basic decorations with clever space-saving design. It's perfect for assistants and platforms that need to fit into tight spaces, yet has to have a pleasant aspect.

Minimalist Template

The new Minimalist template is meant for space optimization. For this template we've elliminated most of decorative elements. It's best suited for platforms that have limited space. This template has a smaller font size and is space-optimized, making it more efficient for larger responses from the chatbot. The best scenario to use this template is for Knowledge-Base Assistants, where the answers might contain elaborated explanations and examples.

Let us know in the comments which one you prefer. Feel free to suggest any improvements. Your feedback is highly appreciated.


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