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Q: What is FineGuide.ai and how is it different from other products?

A: FineGuide.ai provides GPT-based highly customized chatbots trained on your data (website links, documents etc.). Our mission is to make customer interaction with your website a great experience. Our assistants are highly accurate thanks to our proprietary data processing algorithms on top of plain GPT output. We also provide a wide range of additional features like widgets, no-code assistant personality tuning, tracking and analysis and many more. This combined with a modern responsive UI that can be easily integrable into any website.

Q: How do I know if your solution is suitable for my business?
A: Traditionally businesses that faces a lot of customer interaction will benefit the most. This is because human customer support is expensive. Using AI support can reduce from 70% to 90% of your interactions with customers, and its also real time! But in more board terms any business could benefit from an interactive support based on AI.

Q: How the assistant reduce the hallucination rate in its responses?

A: We use special techniques developed in-house to structure the input data in a graph like structure. We also apply a form of summarization with a specialized indexing to locate the relevant information better based on the user input. As a result we are able to deliver fast and highly accurate responses.

Q: Is it possible to customize the chatbot's personality?

A: Yes, you can totally customize the chatbot's personality to match your brand's voice and values. This way, the chatbot can interact with your customers in a way that resonates with your brand. From the Assistants setting page you can fine tune a number of parameters that will affect its behaviour. In addition to that you can fine tune the system prompt for advanced use cases.

Q: Can the chatbot handle complex queries effectively?

A: The chatbot is designed to handle complex queries effectively by leveraging advanced algorithms like data structuring and context optimization. On top of this we also support actions which can perform specialized queries on behalf of user.

Q: Do you support chatbot actions?

A: Its is possible to use advanced actions. This feature is currently under development and available to early adopters.

Q: What kind of customer feedback does the system collects?

A: All the conversation logs are available to the chatbot admin, and is available on the website. We do offer analytics and advanced reporting as a pack of our premium packages.

Q: How secure is the chatbot in handling sensitive information?

A: We take privacy with high responsibility. We do not track users in any way. The conversation logs are only available to the chatbot administrator. We do not use data collected by the users in any way.

Q: Can the chatbot integrate with other platforms or systems?

A: The chatbot can be seamlessly integrated with various platforms and systems to enhance its functionality and provide a more streamlined experience. Whether you're looking to integrate it with your website, CRM system, or any other platform, the chatbot can adapt to suit your needs. Currently we have out of the box integration with Zendesk, Helpscout. For the widgets we can integrate with Calendly, Youtube, TradingView for financial data. Many more platforms will be added soon.

Q: Does the chatbot support multiple languages?

A: Definitely, the chatbot support most of the languages. You can also restrict it to some specific language or allow any language which is by default. If your training data is in another language the chatbot will translate it and respond in the user's language.

Q: What kind of training data is used to improve the chatbot's responses?

A: The training data used for the training must be provided by the chatbot admin and the configuration phase. You can provide website links or upload documents. We do not collect user conversations for training the chatbot.

Q: How quickly can the chatbot learn from user interactions?

A: This is a planned feature, however its usage is optional. It not might be suitable in all of the cases. We provide a way for users to provide a feedback by using thumbs up or thumbs down buttons. This information could be helpful to reinforce the assistant knowledge about the best answers.

Q: Does the chatbot have a limit on the number of users it can support simultaneously?

A: The number of simultaneous session is not limited. However the number of messages are limited by the package.

Q: What kind of maintenance or updates does the chatbot require?

A: The chatbot does not require any assistance or update. Since its a SAAS solution all the infrastructure is hosted on the provider side. The updates and new feature therefore are updated to everyone as soon as they are rolled out.

Q: How does the chatbot handle user queries that it cannot answer?

A: There are a few scenarios. It is possible to escalate to a human operator, or it is possible to create a ticket for the business owners to follow up. Other more advanced scenarios are possible thru action integration.

Q: Is there a demo or trial available to test the chatbot's capabilities?

A: Yes, there is a Free package for beginners, it is completely free of charge with a limited number of conversations. This hands-on experience will give you a better understanding of how the chatbot can benefit your business and engage with your customers effectively. If you want to check out advanced features you can get in touch with our sales team.

If you have any other questions please add them in the comment section below and we will add them to our FAQ.

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